2016 Conference Videos

The 2016 SAEA Conference was video documented by a team of UC Global Food Initiative student videographers and two professional videographer advisors, Kati Greaney and Jonathan Fong. Videos include a short Overview, Keynote Address, Decolonizing Food-ways Symposium, and Real Food Challenge Dinner 

Overview Video – A short overview of the 2016 National Sustainable Agriculture Education Association Conference, held July 28-30 at UC Santa Cruz. This video provides a ~5 min synopsis of the types of activities and topics addressed at the three day event, including a student produced and performed hip-hop video “Can UC”.
Keynote Address Video – Given at the 2016 National Sustainable Agriculture Education Association Conference, held July 28-30 at UC Santa Cruz. Speakers addressed the current moment in the agri-food system: environmental quality, food justice, agri-food sector consolidation, policy, climate change and food security, in the context of the importance of experiential, inter/transdisciplinary, and systems-based, critical adult education. Panelists spoke to their own educational development, and relevant backgrounds, and how the programs they have or are a part of engage in learning about the topics, above. To learn more about the panelist visit our panelists bios page.

Decolonizing Foodways Symposium Video – Decolonizing Foodways event aimed to take conference participants’ engagement with food beyond procurement to delve into the cultural, political, and economic history of food, understanding food itself as a site for colonial/de-colonial struggles. The symposium engaged with the process of learning, using decolonization education approaches. Through the pedagogical medium of cooking, eating, and storytelling, participants grappled with what it means to liberate our diets from colonial relationships of production and consumption both in theory and in practice.  

Real Food Challenge Dinner Video – Student and Staff leaders from the UCSC Food Systems Working Group, national and regional Real Food Challenge, and Global Food Initiative Food Security Introduction, provide an overview of the issues and activism taking place across the University of California, and nationally. Panelists discuss the history of student- and staff-led initiatives and the successes and limitations of those efforts to create a more just and ecologically sustainable food system.