Open Space Notes

Open Space Technology was used during the first day of the event. Open Space Technology structures the conference program in ways that enable participants to engage each other deeply and creatively around issues of concern. Open Space begins in a large group format for agenda-setting purposes. The agenda is set by participants, in real time, not by organizers or beforehand. The technique lets participants get their work done efficiently by allowing direct and immediate control of the agenda by attendees. Participants then move into smaller-sized discussion groups, which are shorter and fast-paced. Facilitators support, rather than control or stimulate the small group discussions. Open Space is a tool that enables a self-organizing group to deal with complex issues like justice and sustainability in a very short period of time. For a listing of topics and summaries of the Open Space workshops conducted during the conference, please see the Open Space notes, below.

Accessibility  to  proper  food  education  for  minorities  and  urban   communities  

Building  Teal  Orgs  Ecosystem  Builder  –  Worker  Co-­op  and   Self-­Management  
Connection  Sustainable  Ag  and  Entrepreneurship  Programs  
Ecology  for  Nonscientists  and  Social  Sciences/Liberal  Studies  
Facilitating  market  access  as  part  of  a  farmer  training  program  
Farmworker  Session  
How  can  organic  industry  help  incentivize  agroecology  and  organic  program  in   land  grants?    

How  can  we  create  a  cohesive  across-­the-­board  curriculum  for  preschools?  
How  do  we  communicate  the  value  of  SFS  work?  
How  to  talk  about  privilege  with  service  learner  students  and  community   members  
Indigenous  and  Biodynamic  Agriculture  
Land  Access  for  Beginning  Farmers  
Overcoming  Convenience  (Habit/Behavior  Change)  
SEC  North  
Sustainable  AG  connection  with  communities  with  challenges  
Taste  Education  
Urban  high  school  to  sustainable  agriculture  education  program  pipeline  
What  about  eating  bugs?