Discussing the Food Systems Minor at UC Berkeley

We are excited to share with SAEA members a new report called “Discussing the Food Systems Minor at UC Berkeley.” It shares perspectives on the Food Systems Minor from Dani Solis and Mackenzie Feldman (2 former student representatives for the Minor), as well as that of UCB lecturer and research associate Paul Rogé. Paul has been instrumental in developing experiential education initiatives on campus that put agroecology, food justice, and community-engaged food systems at the center. The team of coauthors hopes this report will be useful to curricular development at other institutions in CA and beyond.

“Thanks again to you and all the students that have passionately engaged in this innovative minor.” – Miguel A. Altieri, Professor Emeritus of Agroecology, UC Berkeley

Please check out the online version, as well as the PDF version (linked below), and feel free to share with your colleagues and friends.

Download PDF here.