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With the new year comes a time for reflection on our affiliations, partnership in the great work we do, and tremendous optimism for all of the opportunities to grow in the coming year. At this time, we invite you to renew your membership and commitment to the SAEA, and ensure your voice is heard in the work we do.

If you are receiving this newsletter, you are currently an active member of the SAEA. We use our newsletters to keep them up-to-date on the work of the organization and in-the-loop on activities to get involved in. Memberships last for two years (unless you are a lifetime member). Your membership not only keeps you in the know, it also funds our everyday expenses, like hosting our website, curriculum library, programs listing: pays for our Outreach Coordinator (Sarah Lovett Hanks), and helps support conference planning.

We not only appreciate your supporting this organization with your membership dues, we are so appreciative of your contributions and work in the field of teaching and learning sustainable agriculture! We exist to serve you and support the work you do – please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can be of help and support, and how you might like to get more involved in SAEA!

Finally, as we move forward with our work plan and projects for this coming year, we are looking to grow our organization this year and need your help. Please feel free to pass this newsletter along to your colleagues, and tell them about the great work we do. Be it our conferences, library contributions, or the sustainable agriculture program and student farm listings, help us expand our network and the voices of our field to be heard.