Steering Council Open Positions

Nominations with nominee bios should be submitted to by Feb 16th, 2018.

Please include in the bio, a photo, one paragraph on the nominee and their professional background, one paragraph on nominee interest in sustainable agriculture education and what they could bring to the committee. 250 word limit please.

Elections will take place March 2-16th. Only current SAEA members can cast ballots. It is our intent to announce the new council members at the end of March with their terms beginning in April.


2 year position
1 seat available

Treasure position safely keeps Association funds and accounts and is responsible for reporting receipts, expenditures, balances, and investments. They are required to accept and dispense funds as appropriate and in accordance with policies and directives of the Steering Council. Treasures are expected to present a Treasurer’s report and proposed budget for review and consideration by the members at the annual meeting each year. Lastly they are charged with collecting dues and maintaining membership records.


2-year position
1 seat available

The secretary is responsible for keeping full and accurate records of all business and proceedings of the Steering Council in regular and special meetings as well as general information related to Association activities. They Maintain all records and, upon leaving office, make necessary arrangements for passing on these records to the successor Secretary. The secretary also undertakes correspondence of the Association upon the direction of the Steering Council; and, prepares and distribute ballots to the voting membership, tabulate and record the votes, and notify the candidates for office and the Steering Council of the election results.

Student Representative

2-year position
2 seats available

Student Representatives maintain awareness of the diverse views, goals and objectives of the membership of the SAEA and represent these as appropriate at meetings of the Steering Council. They are required to serve as chairs or members of subcommittees. Nominated Student Representatives must be current students in any institution of higher learning when elected but may continue their appointed term past graduation.