SAEA is Hiring: Outreach Coordinator

SAEA Outreach Coordination Contractor:
The Sustainable Agriculture Education Association (SAEA) is looking to contract with someone to help us complete our outreach goals and objectives related to promoting our organization and maintaining already existing relationships and membership. The Outreach Coordinator will serve on the Outreach & Membership Committee; serve as a member on the SAEA Steering Council by participating in monthly conference calls; and will report to the SAEA Chair. The contractor would be responsible for developing, managing, updating, and/or responding to:
* SAEA’s website on WordPress (hosted by Watermelon Web Works)
o Frequent updates to the website include:
§ Brief “profiles” highlighting key leaders in sustainable agriculture education
§ Images and information reflecting new content
§ The Program Listings Database
§ The Curriculum Database (working with the Curriculum Database Committee)
* SAEA’s social media platforms:
o Facebook page and group (as necessary)
o LinkedIn Group (as necessary)
o Facilitation of Twitter communication with our membership
* SAEA’s current contact lists:
o Constant Contact (student member list, member list, and general contact list)
o SAEA Listserv (managed through Google Groups)
o SAEA Steering Council Listserv (managed through Google Groups)
o As well as exploring or investigating other email outreach services
* Requests for information, including phone and email inquiries.
* Occasional outreach events in coordination with partner entities (regional non‐SAEA conferences, marketing opportunities, etc.)
* Outreach materials that will be used at outreach events to promote SAEA.
* Standardization and management of SAEA protocol for institutional alliances, including facilitating Steering Council discussion on submitted applications
Preferred qualifications and experiences include:
* Strong background in the field of sustainable agriculture education
* Having knowledge of and experience with SAEA
* Housed in or familiar with an SAEA aligned organization and institution
* Experience and knowledge of WordPress websites, social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), Microsoft Office, Dropbox, and Constant Contact
* Previous organizing and outreach experience
* The ability to collaborate with others around the country while working remotely
* Attention to detail and ability to manage multiple projects at once
* Ability to be self-directed and accomplish tasks in a timely fashion
Funds available for these services range between $5,760‐7,200 for a 12‐month period. If interested, please submit a CV and a cover letter by October 19, 2014. To apply, or for more information, please contact: