SAEA Steering Committee Elections are Underway!

Our 2014 Steering Committee elections are now underway! We are excited by the fantastic group of candidates that we have this year, and hope that you will chose to participate in the electoral process. ALL MEMBERS are encouraged to participate, and we have a special circumstance this year, as all three student positions are up for election.

SAEA was established with the recognition that the student voice is essential in our process. Therefore,  according to our bylaws, we only allow students to select their representatives. Indeed, students can have a strong influence on how SAEA seeks to fulfill our mission and goals.

We understand that as a national organization with a growing membership, knowing¬† all the other active members is impossible. Don’t leave the decisions to others because you don’t know the candidates… we asked them to create a brief biography to help you understand their background, and to provide ideas on what they might offer the organization. You can read more about our candidates.

Finally, if you are a currently registered member, you should receive a ballot from the SAEA on July 3nd, and a reminder on July 10th. Registration often coincides with your registration for the conferences, but if you have any questions regarding your membership, please contact Victoria, the Treasurer, at The last day for the election will be July 17th, 2014.

We look forward to introducing our new Steering Council members to you at the 2014 SAEA Conference!