Makes nominations for elected officeholders as specified in the bylaws, and make suggestions to the Steering Council for appointed positions as requested.
Chair | Julie Cotton (Michigan State University)


Identifies and works on matters related to student involvement, concerns, and issues. Contacts | Lorien MacAuley

Outreach and Membership

Develops outreach strategies related to membership and promotion of the Association. The Committee also makes recommendations to the Steering Council concerning current and future outreach activities that would foster the advancement of the field and serve the needs of the various Members of the Association. Promotion of the Association may include the development, maintenance and distribution of publications, newsletters and a Web site.
Contact | Kido Pielack (Keep Growing Detroit) 
Members: Sarah Lovett Hanks (SAEA Outreach Coordinator)

Professional Development

Addresses possibilities for educational events (e.g., regional meetings, workshops, professional development) of interest and benefit to Association Members) that is deemed appropriate by the SAEA.
Chair | Kim Niewolny (Virginia Tech)
Members: Krista Jacobsen

Curriculum Library

(formerly known as Sustainable Agriculture Educational Materials) Provides support for maintenance and continued development of the online collection of sustainable agriculture educational resources. DuraSpace Direct host our materials, but committee support is needed to keep it vibrant. Members of this committee will ensure contributions of materials to the SAEM library, promote the library through outreach and educational events, and facilitate use of the library by our members and other stakeholders.
Members | Sarah Lovett Hanks, Kido Pielack, Mark Walden


Treasure | Krista Jacobsen (University of Kentucky)
Members: Julie Cotton (Michigan State University)


The SAEA governance committee was created during the 2014 organizational strategic planning session. This committee is responsible for determining the need for policies as our the organization expands, drafting these policies, gaining consensus with the Steering Council on the policy, and then publishing the policies to serve as guidance for the organization’s leadership and members. They are also responsible for a review of the SAEA bylaws every two years, and proposing updates this document as needed. 

Chair- Julie Cotton– Michigan State University

Special Projects

The SAEA has begun to provide opportunities for supporters of sustainable agriculture to learn from and with each other though various online venues. These venues have been designed to generate discussion among SAEA members for the purpose of developing new and better ideas for curriculum, research, teaching, and outreach in the general area of sustainable agriculture education.

CA Organic Agriculture Program Characterization

(a special project and sub-committee of the Outreach Committee) Damian Parr | project chair

Website management

Sarah Lovett Hanks | page manager

SAEA Google Group

Sarah Lovett Hanks | list manager

Job listings

SAEA LinkedIn Group