SAEA Teaching Resources Curriculum Library

library_header SAEA is excited to have the Sustainable Agriculture Teaching Resources Library open and available to the public! 
This link will redirect you to where the material are housed. Please go to the resource library and view the material we have available. We are always looking for new material so please contact us with your additions.

This Library serves educators, farmers, students, staff, and administrators who focus on the teaching and learning of sustainable agriculture at the adult and higher education levels by providing an open forum for sharing teaching resources. The SAEA Teaching Resources Library contains; syllabi, degree program documentation, lab and field exercises, photos, videos, and assignments. The library will also serves as a repository for SAEA conference proceedings. An outcome of the 2007 SAEA conference, the Library has received generous support from the Kellogg Foundation, The Alfred R. Mann Library at Cornell University and the National Agricultural Library.

To make additions or edits to the Curriculum Library, please contact