Teaching Tips and Highlights

One thing we hear consistently at our National Conferences is how much people like learning best practices and creative new ways to invigorate instruction.  In this regular newsletter section and blog post, we reach out to our membership, and leaders in our field (and classrooms!), to share teaching tips and instructional approaches that have worked for them.  Feel free to nominate a teacher that you think is outstanding to share some of their tips and tricks!  Or feel free to volunteer yourself!  Articles may be traditional write-ups, but we would also welcome links to videos or other web-based resources, or any other creative delivery mechanism.  This is just one way we can keep the conversations going between SAEA events and build a community of practitioners engaged in excellence in the teaching and learning of sustainable agriculture.  Please contact Sarah Lovett our outreach coordinator at saea.information@gmail.com if you would like to contribute an article or nominate someone to contribute.